New address of 16 years of experience - GESCO

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New address of 16 years of experience - GESCO

In our constantly changing modern world, it is impossible to imagine the activities of individual institutions and companies without security services. Reliable and decision-making is your most reliable partner on the road to success. It creates a need for security and safety to constantly focus on success and confidently move towards your strategic goals, preventing you from mobilizing your time and resources for a common goal. In this regard, our company must provide effective services to identify possible risks in the field of security, to take measures to respond to these risks and, most importantly, to ensure the sustainability of your work.

The GESCO security company, which has been operating since 2005, was created out of this need. For 16 years, the company has been carrying out its professional activities by providing reliable and trustworthy services to its partner organizations. GESCO has demonstrated its quality in its work and has become a reliable partner of many companies and organizations on the road to success.

During this period, GESCO not only operated in accordance with international standards, but also successfully set new standards in the field of protection. With a rich experience in the organization of security services, more than 2,100 professional staff, service in accordance with modern standards, has managed to create a successful example by ensuring the unity of man with technology.

What makes a company great is the greatness and success of its partners. In this regard, cooperation with more than 140 partner organizations and companies operating in various fields can be considered the greatest success of GESCO during its existence.

First of all, over the past 16 years, GESCO has become an address of quality service and reliable security. Another advantage of GESCO over its competitors is that it has constantly updated service areas. Following the international experience and applying it in its activities, the company is able to successfully ensure the mutual integration of its activities with modern technological capabilities.

Along with physical protection, which is already a traditional trend in the field of security and safety, ensuring the safety of various facilities and infrastructure, the company is able to establish itself in innovative areas. It carries out security work within the principles of high accuracy and professionalism, providing quality services, especially in areas such as information security, video surveillance and environmental protection.

The factor that unites GESCO and partner companies is not only the business partnership. Building a climate of mutual trust with you and organizing quality service are the main goals of the company. In many cases, companies face problems in the organization of security, such as relief and climatic conditions, lack of adequate staff. More professional and superior service requires serious financial costs. GESCO offers new and effective solutions, quality and efficient service for partner organizations with professional and operational staff.

GESCO offers a synthesis of 16 years of professional experience with the realities of the new era. With the opportunities provided by modern technology and professional service, the company allows its partners to quickly organize security work and manage financial costs.

Undoubtedly, an integral part of any work is the prevention of accidents in the workplace and the protection of the environment.

The quality of the service is based on the perfect execution of the set tasks, as well as environmentally friendly activities. In this regard, GESCO is a company that each partner organization wants to work with. GESCO, which regularly organizes courses on human health, labor and environmental safety for its service staff, also guarantees compliance with safety regulations and environmental regulations in accordance with the needs of partner organizations and customers.