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GESCO combines international experience and quality standards with modern technologies and opportunities and local professional service.

We are constantly workIng and developıng to ımprove our qualIty of servıce








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About us

We work for your safety

GESCO is a security company operating in various fields and basing on the principle of physical protection. Founded on May 26, 2005, GESCO provides private and corporate security services in various regions of the country including Baku, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.

GESCO cooperates with more than 160 partner organizations and companies representing different fields, has rich experience in organizing security services with more than 2400 trusted and professional staff.

Integrating the most innovative technologies and solutions into our services, GESCO combines local professional service with international experience and quality standards.

The provision of services based on local and international experience is our top priority.
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In a dynamic society, it is impossible to imagine the activities of organizations and companies without security services. It is important to identify effective protection risks and to organize effective responses to them. In the context of cooperation, we provide quality services that meet the needs of our clients in various areas including physical security, information protection, infrastructure and facilities protection, fire protection, security and video surveillance and the provision of technical support. Due to 16 years of experience and professional staff, GESCO provides you with security services in accordance with the principles of high accuracy and professionalism.

Physical protection

Ensuring the protection of people, buildings, infrastructure and facilities

Protection of activities

High accuracy, planning, safety of event participants

Video surveillance

Installation of video surveillance systems, organization of security work

Information securIty support

Reliable protection of necessary data

Guarding and control systems

Services in accordance with guarding and control requirements

Why choose us?

Guided by the quality of the service and a reliable security strategy, GESCO considers the satisfaction and trust of our partners and clients to be the most important factors in the work.

Local and InternatIonal experIence

Using personal local and international experience since our foundation, GESCO provides quality services to our clients in this field.

The Sarajevo Code of Conduct

The Sarajevo Code of Conduct for Private Security Companies, based on European and international experience and including training, health and safety, non-discrimination and other principles, is applied by GESCO and is improved every year.

Customer satIsfactIon

Based on 16 years of experience, we aim to provide quality service and provide our customers with ultimate satisfaction.

ProfessIonal staff

GESCO gives our employees the opportunity to work on themselves, improve and turn professional.

Modern technologIes

Providing services that meet the dynamic needs of our partners and customers, GESCO integrates modern technologies and solutions into services and combines technologies with professional local service.

Why choose us?
Years of experIence

"Unchanged address for your changIng needs"

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