Video surveillance

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Video surveillance

In some cases,  an adverse terrain and a harsh environment, the size of the protected area and a large number of entrances and exits of the protected area make it impossible to attract the necessary number of personnel to the security service. In addition, attracting the required number of the stuff for the professional security organization creates a need for additional financial resources. It reinforces the need to find new and effective solutions for potential clients.

To solve these problems, GESCO, which combines the opportunities offered by modern technologies with its professionals in the organization of a private security service, implements video surveillance systems according to the wishes and needs of its clients.

The company employees draw up a security map of the site and territory to be protected for the installation of video surveillance systems. The necessary points have been identified for the full control of the territory and special surveillance cameras are to be installed at those points. The necessary information is included in the software as well parameters that clients consider specific. Thus, 24-hour security of the territory is provided at the GESCO Video Surveillance Station. All the information on movement and inactivity that occurs in the area and is not considered normal by the software is transmitted via the system to the operator of the video surveillance station.

The installation of video surveillance systems allows to organize security work quickly, cut down on staff and organize prudent budget management.