Video surveillance

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Video surveillance

In some cases, the challenging terrain where the protected area is located, harsh climate conditions, the scale of the area, and the high volume of entries and exits pose limitations on the deployment of sufficient personnel for security services. Furthermore, attracting the required number of personnel for professional security organization also requires additional financial resources. This reinforces the necessity for finding new and effective solutions for potential clients.

During the organization of private security services, GESCO addresses these challenges by implementing video surveillance systems tailored to the needs and requirements of their clients, utilizing the capabilities and integration provided by modern technology experts.

The deployment of video surveillance systems begins with the preparation of a security map for the protected object and area by GESCO's team. Critical points necessary for complete area coverage are identified, and specialized surveillance cameras are installed at these points. Parameters specified by clients are integrated into the software, ensuring necessary information is fed into the program. This setup enables GESCO's Video Surveillance Center at headquarters to ensure 24-hour monitoring of the area. Any movements or activities deemed unusual by the system are promptly communicated to the on-duty operator in the Video Surveillance Center.

Installing video surveillance systems facilitates the operational efficiency of security management, allows for a prudent allocation of personnel, and helps regulate budget expenditures effectively.