Protection of activities

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Protection of activities

The implementations of prestigious events and receptions require you, as the organizer, to ensure high accuracy, planning, security of participants, to monitor compliance with the necessary safety regulations and the joint activities of the staff of the organization.

GESCO security company can be your reliable assistant in the professional organization of your prestigious events and special receptions. Organizing our activities according to your needs and due to the required criteria, GESCO hold various events at different times. Working professionally in various fields and organizing events, GESCO is able to ensure customer satisfaction and the credibility of our successful projects.

Depending on the nature of the event and the dynamic needs of the clients, GESCO staff perform the following functions:

  • Entry and exit control management
  • Determination and controling of a plan for the movement of persons on the site
  • Ensuring the safety of the event participants
  • Determination of the probability of technogenic accidents and adoption of preventive measures
  • Registration of participants of the event
  • Performing supervisory functions in examinations