Training Center

About the center

Constant professional training of the stuff for rising the security service to the level of modern standards and ensuring high quality is one of the key assumptions.

Formation of professional human capital in the sphere of security services in Azerbaijan, improvement of existing human resources of the company, the identification of staff professional needs and the organization of their professional development in accordance with a dynamic service environment is one of GESCO’s priorities.

Taking into account the need to achieve these goals, GESCO established its own Training Center in 2009. To improve human resources potential in accordance with the modern requirements, special attention is being paid to the teaching staff of the center that are selected among specialists with extensive experience and academic knowledge in the relevant fields.

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The training of the staff in the centre is carried out within the 140-hour training programme in the following subjects:

  • Special training
  • Legal training
  • Medical training
  • Physical activities (self-defence)
  • Psychological preparation 
  • Fire training
  • Foreign Language (English)
  • Informatics (basic concepts)
  • Technical means and equipment
  • Practical exercises on the basis of special training
  • Humanitarian training

The level of proficiency of the program’s graduates is checked during exams and aptitude tests. Certificates are awarded to successful participants.

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